Create your own personalised house sign
Brass house signs Brass house signs Brass house signs Brass house signs Brass house signs

Brass House Signs

Is a brass house sign more your style? Our brass effect house signs are a great choice. Constructed from an aluminium composite material and coloured with a golden finish to the face of the sign, these signs truly look like a brushed sheet of brass!

There are many advantages to using our brass effect as a material. First of all, our brass effect signs will not go green or tarnish over time, even if they are exposed to extensive water exposure or humidity. By using a strong lightweight aluminium composite, these brass signs can be fitted to almost any surface.

  • They will not turn green over time
  • All signs have a brushed brass finish
  • They are pre-drilled and delivered with all the necessary fittings
  • Any standard size house signs from only $49.99

The stunning brushed brass effect of these signs is sure to make a great statement and will allow you to show of your home with style.

Use our fully interactive house sign designer tool to create your brass effect sign and make a lovely showpiece to enhance your property entrance. Change the background on the designer to preview the look of your sign against the material of your home.

Brass effect signs are made with a commercial grade brand of vinyl which is similar to that used on industrial signage.

Create your sign - in 3 steps

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Create your own personalised house signs

Follow our simple design process to create your unique and chic house sign.

Nine modern durable and styling materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with endless combinations of font and colour to choose from, allowing you to create a truly personalised sign for just $49.99.

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