Create your own personalised house sign
Engraved Granite house signs Engraved Granite house signs Engraved Granite house signs Engraved Granite house signs Engraved Granite house signs

Engraved Granite House Signs

As a natural stone material, granite is known as one of the hardest substrates, second only to Diamond. Thats why we have chosen to create a granite house sign. Durablity! Not only does it look great, knowing that granite can still be seen in ancient structures 5000 years later gives us confidence in the quality of our choice of materials.

A favorite choice for the larger property and comercial development. This sign looks great in all locations and enviroments.

Because granite is so hard to work with, most retailers choose not to entertain the manufacturing process. However, because we have created our own sign writing techniques we are able to offer this fantastic house sign at prices from $64.99.

All our granite signs are supplied with polished Black Jappaned, round head screws and fitting instructions making installing of your house sign as easy as possible. Try it now!

So come on... what are you waiting for?

  • Prices start from only $64.99
  • Smooth honed and beveled finish
  • Larger sizes available
  • Easy to clean and install
  • Deep engraved for an effectinve text finish
  • Complete with fixings and fitting instructions

Dont forget about our laser etched granite house signs for a cheaper alternative. Made using the same incredibly hard/durable granite laser engraved using a 3000 degrees laser to acheieve a crisp and clean finish.
Laser engraving also known as laser etching is the practice of using laser to etch or mark an object and does not involve the use of machined tools, bits or inks.
We then infill the etching using an enamel toner giving finishing the text to a colour of your choice.

* Standard sized laser etched signs start from $34.99
** Standard sized engraved signs start from $64.99
Subject to our terms and conditions

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Create your own personalised house signs

Follow our simple design process to create your unique and chic house sign.

Nine modern durable and styling materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with endless combinations of font and colour to choose from, allowing you to create a truly personalised sign for just $49.99.

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