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Wooden House Signs

If you are searching for a house sign which has a truly natural touch, our 20 year old English oak house signs are an ideal choice. Our wood is obtained from sustainable Oak forests in the UK, and is seasoned for 20+ years to drastically reduce the chance of the wood warping or splitting. These signs have a charming traditional country feel to them.

The Oak is cut to a thickness of 20mm with the text being written using our cutting edge technology to laser engrave the sign. This leaves the text ‘branded’ into the wood. Each oak sign is truly unique due to the grain adding its own individual rustic look and charm to the sign.

Use our “Online designer” software to create and design your ideal house sign and view your creation in the designer window, if your not happy with the design simply start again.

  • The wood is sourced from sustainable forests in the UK
  • It comes pre-treated with Danish oil
  • It is cut to a 20mm planed finish
  • All wood is aged for 20+years
  • Any standard size house sign from $49.99

Before we ship your English Oak house sign, it will be treated with a Danish oil. This not only protects the wood, but it also highlights the engraving. We recommend that our Oak signs be treated often to avoid any natural splits or warping from happening in the wood, and also to extend the life of these signs for many years down the track.

Use our interactive designer tool to create an English oak house sign that will really add character to your home. With many shapes and sizing options, this material can be made exactly the way you want it to look.

All of our English Oak signs come with Japanned black screws and also screw anchors for easy and convenient fitting.

Create your sign - in 3 steps

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Create your own personalised house signs

Follow our simple design process to create your unique and chic house sign.

Nine modern durable and styling materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with endless combinations of font and colour to choose from, allowing you to create a truly personalised sign for just $49.99.

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