Create your own personalised house sign


We’ve put together a series of videos to show you a little more about Design A House Sign – how the company was founded, a look at how our signs are created in our workshop and much more. We hope you find these videos informative and they help to give you a better understanding of how your sign will be created. If for any reason you have further questions, contact us and we will be happy to help.

The Sign Making Process

Using a carefully constructed combination of high tech machinery and craftsmanship, each of our signs is created to the highest standard, no matter which material you choose. We have created this video to show you the highly skilled process undertaken during the creation of one of our signs.

Create your own personalised house signs

Follow our simple design process to create your unique and chic house sign.

Nine modern durable and styling materials, in 25 different shapes and sizes, with endless combinations of font and colour to choose from, allowing you to create a truly personalised sign for just $49.99.

Wood House sign Acrylic House sign Aluminium House sign Glass House sign Frosted glass House sign Brass House sign Granite House sign Brass House sign